Taking Back Our Right to Privacy

Project Halo provides a system to store, share, and interact with your own data the way you should - With full certainty of who gets to see it and where it goes.

Project Halo's comprehensive data security and privacy solution has 3 main components.

The Halo Box

The Halo Box is a personal data safe, built upon strong layers of hardware and software security. Its modular nature allows the user (an individual or a company) to run the apps that is required to utilize or monetize their own data or resources.

Photos, documents, passwords, cryptocurrency, you name it. With 3 layers of back-up, the data is safe and recoverable even if your Halo.Box gets destroyed.

The Halo Network

The Halo Network implements a decentralized protocol that connects and protects the Halo Boxes. This network is the essential part of distributed backups, virtual clouds and gateways, so all Halo Boxes can be reached via the internet by their owners and users.

The Halo Ecosystem

The Halo Ecosystem will be an autonomous entity, deployed on the blockchain. It will be responsible for the economics and the on-chain governance of the ecosystem.

One of its major role will be to automatically incentivize the continuous development of the ecosystem, making Project Halo future-proof.

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