privacy is back

Retake control of your data

82% of internet users worry about their online security
95% worry about businesses selling their personal information

Are you one of them?

The cloud has revolutionized the internet. Files and apps that were limited to a single device are now accesible anytime, anywhere. But convenience comes with a price. Stored in remote data centers, your personal information is vulnerable.

Replace all cloud services with a single, highly secure solution

Convenience & Privacy

Don't let anyone spy on you

No one but you has access to your Halo. Not even us.

All your files in one place

Your documents and apps, accessible anywhere, anytime

Communicate without intrusions

Your Halo box is the safest place for your emails and chats

Protect your data from breaches

Halo's highly secure architecture minimizes the risk of attacks

Your data should be under your control

Your own private cloud

Set up your Halo at home or on your company grounds. You can now regroup all your files in a single, safe place. Go to the Halo App Market to find secure, private equivalent of the cloud apps you are using today: calendar, productivity tools, note-taking, file-sharing.. The Halo apps are similar, but everything is stored in your box instead of a remote data center!

Easy to use

A turn key solution


Receive and plug in your Halo box


Fast and easy set up!


Store your sensitive files


Install apps from the Halo App Market


Access HALO from any device


Activate back-ups and configure your inheritance protocol